Some thoughts to ponder…

My to-do list is long today, I knew it last night before going to bed, but I made a deal with myself that I would relax in the morning. So I made some slow drip coffee, read some of my book, flipped through the pages of the new Oprah magazine, and took in the beautiful silence of the morning. I feel ready to tackle my list now. Over the past few days two things have been running around my brain. I wanted to share them with you, I think I will share my deeper thoughts on them later, but for right now I just want the ideas to circulate in my head a little more.

Think about this…

1. We have the power to CHOOSE how we want to feel, respond, act… choose is such a powerful word. More powerful than we probably give it credit for. So today when something or someone makes you upset and quick to react, take a step back and really think about the best way to act instead of reacting. Choose how you want to feel.

2. Our words out here in blog land can make an impact on someones life. Your words. Your story. What do you want your words to mean to someone?

I am not sure where these thoughts came from, talking to friends, talking to family, books, magazines… who knows. Those are the two thoughts that have been with me all week though.

What has been on your mind? What do you think of the word choose? Have you thought about how much your words in blogland can impact someone?


5 thoughts on “Some thoughts to ponder…

  1. I totally agree that we have the power of choice. We are exactly as happy as we want to be. And that's sometimes a scary thought. I just found your blog via living in yellow, and I'm so glad I did!

  2. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I'm going to "sleep on it" before I choose to react to some news I got earlier today. 🙂

  3. I do agree, we have the power to choose our reactions but emotions are pretty powerful – mentally and physically! I find that I'm better able to choose after I've given myself permission to flow through my emotions and jumbled thoughts, and then apply attention and logic to my public reaction. Some of my knee-jerk reactions are NOT pretty, haha. I was doing a little bit of research for our summer fieldwork project and I found this neat cloud game: you go outside and gaze at the clouds for a while, and then come inside and focus on a picture of a cloud. As you focus, you visualize the thoughts going through your head as passing over the cloud and "observe" them. I thought it was a cute way to introduce self-modulation to children and relate mindfulness to something in nature.

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