If we had coffee…

If we had coffee together this morning…

You would walk into my apartment and smell the scent of a basil and mint candle.
You would hear Bon Iver playing from Pandora on the television.
I would offer you something to drink, perhaps a Green Mountain blueberry coffee? That has been a favorite around here lately.

I would offer you a spot on the couch, I would crack the window just a little to let in some fresh air, because spring is in the air.

I would tell you I have been eating like crap lately and my body has been feeling it. All that chocolate and fried food is catching up to me, so something needs to change.

I would tell you that school is passing fast and as much as I don’t like to wish for time passing faster I am ready to be done.

I would tell you that plans to move back to NH are in the works and we couldn’t be happier.

I would tell you that days off with Aaron are my favorite.

I would tell you that I have a tendency to let my perfectionism get the best of me. I started knitting my first blanket a year ago (so ashamed to say that!) and last night I messed up so I started over, like completely over. Aaron tried to stop me, but I couldn’t keep going, I had to start over to make it better.

I would tell you that I wish more people commented, I want to be able to connect with my readers more, I want to get to know you, I want to help you grow your blogs like mine has grown.

I would then say my goodbyes because three hours has passed and I realized we have places to be and errands to run. I would walk you to the door, hug you goodbye, and ask you to come back again.


3 thoughts on “If we had coffee…

  1. 1. I love Bon Iver.
    2. I agree that days off with your love are the best
    3. I agree I wish readers commented more so I could connect with more people! BUT I do need to start commenting on blogs I read more also.


  2. I love days like these! Especially days like this with one of your favorite people:)

    And Bon Iver is great! Nothing better than coffee, cereal and some good reads with Bon Iver on in the background!

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