Changing it up

I have recently changed some of my skin cleansing products, I have been trying to switch to products that are organic and overall better for my skin. I did a ton of research before making the jump and checked out this website to see their toxicity ratings.

After a long search Pangea organics won my little heart over. Well they are impossible to find in a store, I looked everywhere! Then I found a site called The Green Life Store where I could order them online for decent prices.

I really haven’t used them for long, so I can’t say how they are working with my skin. What I can tell you is that they smell heavenly. I really do think they are doing wonders for my skin, but I will update you in a few weeks to see how it goes. 

So far I have tried the cleanser, face cream, toner, body lotion, and face mask. I really like the spray toner, I typically hate toners because they dry out my skin, but this one just smells so good and makes my skin feel fabulous. 
The other products that I use on a regular basis/as needed are: Burts Bees original lotion, Burts Bees acne oil, and Eos lip balm. 
I am looking to switch my hair products too but my hair is so hard to tame that I have not found any products that work.

The company also just put out this amazing video about chemicals & beauty products, check it out:

Anyone have suggestions for curly, frizzy, kind of dry hair?

2 thoughts on “Changing it up

  1. These sound soo heavenly! I'm tempted to look into them, but I'm so scared about anything but THE MOST GENTLE stuff for my face.

    Also, I'll be having a giveaway soon for a natural shampoo + conditioner. Keep an eye out!

  2. I have super dry curly hair and I go through phases of taming the beast and cycles of it running me ragged trying to keep it in control! What works for me right now (Australian summer) is SLATHERING it with a deep conditioner, tying it in a low bun and leaving it ALONE for a while- like the whole entire day/night. Then I take it out and it looks like heaven for a couple days. I also try to wash it as little as possible- like if I can get away without shampooing it at all for a week I will! But I'm still searching for a miracle…

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