weekend to-do list

Happy Friday, according to weather channel the storm is going to be life threatening, CRAZY! If you are in the area where the blizzard is hitting, stay safe & warm! I know we don”t plan on leaving the apartment much (if at all) this weekend, we are located in the 2-3ft range. I have a book I can’t wait to dive into, homework to catch up, and plenty of TV shows to watch. I just finally caught up on Parenthood, I love that show, so so much. I hope it comes back next season.

This weekend is for…

Watching this and this Ted talk.
Adding this new blog to my Google reader
Catching up on Greys Anatomy
Drinking endless amounts of tea
Building a fort on the living room floor and cuddling with Aaron
Prepping for the upcoming week
Listening Tegan & Sara on repeat
Napping. Snow storms are the perfect excuse right?

What are you doing this lovely weekend?

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