Tuesday 10: Movies

I love movies. I will admit I have the attention span of a five year old so getting me to sit through a whole movie can be a challenge, but give me a box of milk duds, some popcorn, and an iced cold Diet Coke and we’re set. 

So for today I wanted to share my top ten favorite movies (right now). 

Those are my current favorites. I love so many it was hard to choose. Stepmom is so sad, but I could watch it over and over. Despicable Me makes me laugh every time. Oh and if you haven’t see First Position and you like dance or were a dancer, it’s a must see. 
I’d love movie suggestions! 

6 thoughts on “Tuesday 10: Movies

  1. Oh! I haven't seen any of these so I'll put them on my 'to-watch list'! Thanks for the suggestions.

    BTW I found your blog through 'yes and yes' and absolutely loved it. I couldn't stop clicking around:)

  2. well girl. you picked 7 of my top favorites too! have you seen "500 days of Summer"?!? it is up there along with "You've got Mail"!!! you need to check both of those out if you love "the Holiday" and "It's Kind of a Funny Story!"

    I am a new follower and so excited to be here!

  3. ME TOO! T always picks on me about it, but whenever we put in a movie suddenly I have time do everything from taking a shower to making dinner to folding all the laundry. A few of these I haven't seen but the Holiday (YES) and Despicable Me (hilarious!) are two of my favorites 🙂 xoxo! eliza

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