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I thought I would share with you my top 10 favorite blogs to read (right now). I am constantly finding new ones to add to my reader, and there are certainly ones I have been reading for a while now that I can never seem to get enough of. I tend to be attracted to lifestyle bloggers, maybe because I am one? Who knows.

1. A beautiful mess
2. Coffee & Sunshine
3. E Tells Tales
4. Finding Clarity
5. Dear Friend
6. Secondhand Sundays
7. Much Love Illy
8. It’s the little things
9. Words of Williams
10. Case Study

There are certainly MANY more I read daily. Those are the ones recently I find myself navigating to.
Think you have a blog I would like? leave me a link in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Top 10: Blogs

  1. Love A beautiful Mess blog!

    I read SOOO many blogs a day, its not even funny. A few of my current favorites are listed in a Favorites Page on my blog, you're more than welcome to go check all of them out! (:

  2. Eep! Thanks for the shout out! I am constantly rotating my regular reads as well. And always wishing I could just spend all day in the blog-o-sphere…

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