List it Tuesday.

I started doing Tuesday Ten a few weeks ago, well do you know how hard it is to come up with 10 of something sometimes? I still wanted to make Tuesdays a ‘list type’ post so now I will be calling it List it Tuesday!

Want to join me? All you have to do is pick something and list it. So far I have done my 10 favorite movies, 10 favorite blogs, 10 Valentines day picks, and 10 favorite books. It can be something fun, silly, simple, or serious. I’ll probably throw up my weekly to-do list one of these weeks.

This week you get the 5 things I have learned about marriage…

1. He is NOT a mind reader. Seriously this one gets me in the most trouble. I just expect him to know what I need, think, or feel. It just does not work that way, no matter how much we want it to. So just tell him what your thinking, trust me it will make things easier.

2. Holidays DO NOT get easier. My parents are divorced so I had a lot of time getting used to splitting my time, it was never easy, but you do what you have to do. Well I thought for some weird reason it would get easier when I got married. Ummm I was wrong, very wrong. You have so many more people you have to split your time between and sacrifices have to be made.

3. It’s a balancing act. You learn to balance a lot of balls in the air. You will probably drop one at some point, but thats okay. There are now two of you to help with the balancing and you realize that its okay to shut the world out sometimes and just focus on you.

4. When you get married people will automatically start asking you about babies. Nope not yet. No babies for us for a while. We both have over a year left of school. We both want to travel. We both agreed we want to focus on our marriage and not jump into things. Although being in a pediatric class this semester has increased baby fever by a million, good thing Aaron can talk me down from my crazy ideas.

5. You can’t change each other. He loves throwing his clothes on the floor, he refuses to look behind anything in the fridge, and he doesn’t like to wake up early. I have tried to get him to be better at all those things, but it is just a no win situation. I end up just getting frustrated, I have realized that is just who he is so I will just embrace it. I leave water glasses all over the place, I shed hair like there is no tomorrow, and I get cranky if you wake me up…that is just me, and he doesn’t try to change it.

2 thoughts on “List it Tuesday.

  1. I really like this list! This is great advice for engaged couples about to be married. And being a bride-to-be, I'm taking all the advice I can get!

    I'm a new follower and I really like your blog!


  2. i totally experienced the splitting up of visiting families over the holidays. it wasn't as horrible as i thought it would be but it def took a little getting used to not be home with my family.

    and like you, people asked me about babies as soon as i got back from my honeymoon. i'm like "really? really?"

    cute post 🙂

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