It's a special kind of love.

I know I talk a lot about Aaron, but my love for him is something greater than anything in this world, and he makes me happier than I ever thought I could be, so why not talk about him? 
Well about two weeks ago when we finally had a day off together we decided to take a break from school work, house work, and wedding planning. We ventured off to our old stomping grounds, we loved going to undergrad at Merrimack and we adore North Andover. During junior year (2009) Aaron took me on a walk through the woods on a quaint little trail that opened to a lake at the end. It is a beautiful scene filled with a gorgeous lake and huge trees. We decided it would be fun to carve our initials into the tree, well all we had was a key so Aaron spent what seemed like eternity trying to carve our initials, well he did a pretty good job!  When we went back two weeks ago we reminisced  we walked that same trail, in the same fall weather, and talked about how much has changed since then, but also how much is still the same. As we walked hand in hand down the trail I just kept thinking how I hope our initials are still there. When we came up to the tree we saw it covered with other people who had the same idea, but very faintly right in the middle, surrounded by a heart were our initials A + J. This time we were smart, we brought a small pocket knife. We loved seeing our initials still there, we left our little mark in one of our favorite places, its a lovely feeling. After taking in the beautiful fall scenery we started making our initials a little deeper, and a little more prominent  that way when we come back in a few years we will be able to find them again. We also decided to add two little marks to the top right, it marks how many times we have been there, so next time we go back we will add a third mark. Clearly we started a trend on that specific tree, and who knows if half those people are still together, but we are and our bond is even greater now that we are married. Leaving our mark is certainly a symbol of our love, but more importantly it gives us something to look back on and see how far we have come since then. 
Have you left your mark anywhere? Carved your name somewhere? Scribbled it on a desk at school when you were younger? 

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  1. Beautiful entry Jenn! Also congrats again to both of you! The night before college graduation me and some of my closest friends broke into one of the towers on campus and carved our initials into the old wood with only a pen! I would love to see if it's still there…

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