Sponsor spotlight: After Nine to Five

I had the privilege to swap ads with Ashely who writes the blog after nine to five, her blog is daily read of mine and I was so happy when she agreed to swap! 

Meet Ashley & go check out her blog After Nine to Five.

The blog started when I began my journey through self-employment so it was reflective of what I was doing after I had left the corporate world/the daily grind. It’s changed course over the past almost two years, but it’s always been somehow linked back to this.
I’m an entrepreneur living the life I used to always dream of. I blog about inspirational life things and being self-employed, hoping to leave a mark on the world. I like to take too many risks and fully believe that the higher the risk, the higher the reward and often live my life by that saying. I’m also the found of the Better Blogger Network and RevolutionizeHer.
My 5 Favorite things to do in the fall are apple picking, canning, curling up by the fireplace, going for walks, and baking!
Thank you Ashley for swapping with me! 

Guys, I also finally made a Facebook page! Go “like” it and let me know what you think!

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