My Ideal Day

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The sun is peering through the crack in the blinds, I can feel the warmth hitting my face. I am not quite ready to get out of bed so I bury myself a little deeper in my blankets, and let the sun heat the air. I can hear movement in the kitchen and realize Aaron is no longer in bed. A quiet creaking begins and the door to the bedroom is opening, I am overtaken by the comforting scent of hot coffee, banana pancakes, and the new Oprah magazine. Aaron places the tray with breakfast in front of me, softly kisses me on the forehead and returns to the living room to read. I eat and drink slowly savoring every bite, while flipping through pages filled with inspiring words. As I finish the last bite I try to decide what the day holds. The air has been cool lately so I throw on leggings, boots, a long sweater, and a cute scarf. As I walk out to the living room I decide one more cup of coffee is needed, I make a fresh pot of pumpkin spiced coffee and pour two cups. I convince Aaron to join me on the porch and we sit side by side attempting the mornings crossword puzzle. I am distracted by the bright leaves falling from the trees and covering the grass below. The air has the crisp Autumn breeze and is filled with color. As we watch the leaves fall we talk about how awful we are at the crossword puzzle, we talk about our jobs and how much we love what we do, we talk about traveling and what the future holds for us. He leans over kisses my cheek and I slowly rest my head on his shoulder taking in the moment and the scenery; our porch overlooks the mountains and is set back in a quiet scenic area.
We decide to get in the car and drive, with no destination in mind. Sitting in the passenger seat I think about how lucky I am, I look down and see our hands intertwined, we were meant for each other. After a few hours of driving we find a little family owned restaurant along a dirt road and decide to stop in for lunch. Our indecisive nature leads us to ordering two meals and splitting both. After lunch we hop back in the car and drive for a while. I snap pictures of the scenery, while Aaron sings quietly to the music. Occasionally we strike up conversation talking about everything from books to future wishes. As we drive the sun sets and we pull over to watch it fade away, we decide we don’t want to turn around, but want to see what’s ahead. We come across a sweet bed and breakfast with one room left. Fate decided it is the perfect night to stay, with no luggage in tow we simply head upstairs to our quaint and cozy room. The fire is going and the lights are on low, we curl up on the bed, his arm around my shoulder, and we read silently enjoying the crackling and heat of the fire. I find my eyes getting heavy so I don’t fight it, I fall asleep on Aaron’s chest. My last thought before I doze off is that the day was picture perfect and just what I needed.

In a perfect world this would by my ideal day. Nothing fancy, just simple and relaxing. 
What is your ideal day? 

My amazing blog friend Molly from A Foreign Land has an incredible job where she gets to work with authors! I read about her ideal day HERE!  Seriously, read it.  Well, this awesome guy named Jason Womack wrote a book called Your Best just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More in which he asks you to imagine your ideal day, and shows you how inspirational it can be.  Jason is in the middle of the Ideal Day campaign, where he dares you to imagine your ideal day.  And get this!  One lucky winner will get their ideal day funded by Jason Womack!  

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  1. I think it's because I know you're getting married so soon, but this post brought a tear to my eye!
    I wish you so, so many of these Ideal Days in the future together as husband and wife.
    Thank you for participating, friend.

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