Life Lately.

How sad is this? I took 6 pictures this week. 6. Thats it. I think starting school as thrown me for a loop, I have been a step behind all week and needless to say my phone has been tucked away in my purse. So this is my life this week…

1. Strawberry daiquiri study break, it was much needed. 
2. A quote from Fire Starter Sessions, which I am slowly but sure making my way through. 
3. A mini sample from Starbucks
4. We hit up the Habitat for Humanity re-store
5. Stripes for a day.
6. A night drive to North Hampton where we stopped at the North Hampton brewery. 

Hopefully this week I will have a little more control over my time, I am hoping to get in a routine of school and work, which will allow for more picture taking time!

How was your week? 

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