Summer Fun

Lately we have been trying to squeeze in some summer fun between my long hours at work. There are definitely days where I want to do nothing but plop on the couch before work at night, but lately I have been itching to get out of the apartment and enjoy the summer sun!

Recently we have enjoyed a mini road trip to visit Aaron’s family for his family reunion that takes place every July 4th, it was the perfect day to drive with the windows down, the sun streaming in, and Fiona Apple blaring on the radio. We started off our hour drive with Starbucks and eventually made our way there that afternoon.

We also had the chance to explore some surrounding towns when I had a day off last week, it was a very sunny and hot day, but I was glad to be soaking it up and finding new places to explore. One of our favorite things to do together is visit new book stores (preferably used ones) so we came across a place called The Book Bear online, and decided to check it out. I was a tad disappointed, simply because our favorite bookstore in Boston that sells used books is just incredible and I havent found anything comparable yet. We came away with 3 books, all of which Aaron found, I didn’t have as much luck.

On Thursday I had the ENTIRE day off. Very rare for me, but completely well deserved! We spent the morning relaxing together, and cleaning our messy apartment, we followed the afternoon up with a little fun at the driving range, and ended with some french fries and chocolate frosty to dip them in, from Wendy’s (so good). That night we had a lovely visit from my best friend and her boyfriend, they got to see our new apartment and we went to a local restaurant called the Flying Rhino cafe and watering hole. It was the perfect day off.

Saturday night I ended up getting out of work early so we hit the grocery store and stocked up on fresh fruit and veggies for the week, they had the most delicious looking strawberries and peaches available!

That sums up last weeks summer fun! Anyone else getting into golfing or exploring new places?!

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