So long June, Hello July.

I cannot believe June is already over, I need time to freeze for a bit. I am overwhelmed and so far behind on so many things, I just need a chance to catch up and breath!

June was not the best month for me sticking to my goals, check them out in this post. I decreased my meat consumption a great deal, but ate way more processed food than I should have. Aaron and I sat down at the beginning of June and created a monthly budget, which we stuck to for the most part. We probably went out for coffee a few too many times, but we didn’t have internet for the month of June so that was part of the reason. We are in the process of creating a new one for July so hopefully we will get better each month at sticking to it. As for my goal of exercising daily, well lets just say I have only done yoga a handful of times and have not seen the inside of our gym in our apartment building yet, terrible I know. The last goal I had for June was to start working on my 24 before 24 list, which I did! Overall I wish I had done better, but with my new job starting I lost track of time and the month flew by me!

I am welcoming July with open arms, but I really hope it goes slow I am not ready to start graduate school in August!! I made a few goals for July and hopefully I can follow through with them!

What are your plans or goals for July?!

3 thoughts on “So long June, Hello July.

  1. The great thing about goals is that they help you re-set and re-focus. And I'm SO jealous of the gym in your building!

    Hope you're settling in well and all's good. =)

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