One Word: Choose.

Choose: (V.) to select from a number of possibilities, pick by preference. 

Monday was my first full day off from work, where we had absolutely no plans to go out. I decided a few days before that it was the perfect time to catch up on my never ending to-do list. Most of the items on my list were fun tasks, like spruce up the blog, brain storm some content ideas, start designing a new layout, figure out what we have left to do for the wedding, and of course a few boring house keeping items like vacuum and pay bills.
The morning started off with a bang, I enjoyed some iced coffee, caught up on some blog reading, figured out a few wedding details, and paid some bills. When Aaron rolled out of bed he asked what I wanted to do today, and I decided to be a little selfish, I told him I was just going to focus on accomplishing my list.
After tackling the first few items, including some banana bread making I decided to take a small break and play cards with Aaron. We decided to put stipulations on the game, and neither one of us knew what the other was going to make us do if we lost until after the game. Well, I lost and Aaron wrote down that we had to watch 4 episodes of Arrested Development. Now, I have started liking the show, but Aaron wont let me do anything else while we watch it, and I get the ‘glare’ if I even look at my phone or if I don’t laugh at a joke. All I could think of was how 4 episodes was about an hour and forty-five minutes, that would put a huge halt on my to-do list. Fair is fair though, I sucked it up and chose to have a good attitude about it. We decided to save the episodes for later that night, so I trucked along on my list a little more throughout the day. Around 3 we got some sad news, and the mood of the apartment went a little south. As I sat on the couch I kept thinking, do I keep working on my list and being selfish? or do I stop and think of something fun to do, and change the mood? As much as I wanted to be selfish, I just couldn’t do it, I chose to grab Aaron and go out for ice cream and a stroll through Barns and Noble. It was well worth the choice. It’s not always easy to put what you want aside for others, but when we choose to make sacrifices for the sake of others our true character shines through. It’s fulfilling to be able to do things for others, and to choose to have a good attitude about things.

 It’s the little things in life like going our for ice cream on a down day, that we will remember. Not how much we managed to get done from our list. The list will still be there tomorrow or the next day. So what do you choose? 

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