Life Lately.

Life has been simple lately. Some would say simple is boring, but to me it has been perfect. We have had amazing summer weather, and have filled our days with reading, lounging, beaching, and unfortunately working. Can we just stay in the month of July forever? It is my favorite. Although part of me is itching for Fall, I dont know about you, but I can smell the apple and pumpkin sent that comes along with fall, and I can practically hear the leaves crunching under my feet. 
That flower above is from work, I loved how when it bloomed it got stuck at the top and ballooned out. The snapshot of the book is something I am about to dive into thanks to the Worcester public library. I had an entire day off this week so Aaron and I road tripped to the beach, it was the most perfect beach day. The bottom picture are the adorable mini notebooks I snagged at target for $2.99 they are really fun patterns with a lovely quote on the front of each! So that’s my life lately. We are enjoying the sunshine and summertime when  I am not working, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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