This is the last week I have to do nothing, I planned on filling it with a lot of time on the couch watching Netflix. It didn’t happen. My brain seriously wont let me sit, I am constantly finding an errand I need to run, or something that needs cleaning, or organizing to be done. Thats just life right? Well one good thing did happen this week, I finally caught up on my google reader, and I starred a bunch of posts that I want to go back and read more thoroughly! I came across this post from Much Love Illy, and loved the idea behind it so I figured I would give it a try.


{reading} MWF Seeking BFF, by Rachel Bertsche. It’s all about figuring out how to find a best friend in your mid to late twenties. I picked it up after a few recommendations and I am SO happy I did, it’s insightful, funny, and entertaining to read. Plus I can seriously relate to moving and not having a best friend right down the road to grab Sunday brunch with, it’s a lot harder to make friends when you are not in school. 

{watching} the Glee Project on Oxygen. Aaron and I randomly started watching this show last summer in our free time, basically its about kids trying to win a spot for a role on Glee (which I love). Aaron never watched Glee and had no interest, but this show totally got him hooked, and now in the fall he loves watching it to see the new characters that made it from The Glee Project. This season is a little disappointing compared to last, I am not in love with any of the contestants, and the one that I liked the most got sent home last night. 

{anticipating} our wedding. I can’t believe how fast the time has past, just over three months to go, I am getting more excited and anxious with each passing day. 

{listening to} the Glee Graduation album, I just bought it off of Itunes and I am loving most of the songs on it. Yes, if you havent caught on I am a Glee fan, to each their own right? 

{eating} red seedless grapes. Aaron and I went to the store last weekend and we decided we wanted some grapes. I thought the price was great so I grabbed a bunch. I apparently should have weighed what I grabbed, a whole bunch of grapes and $12.00 later, we are trying to eat them before they go bad!

{working on} trying to get some scheduled blog posts up since I start working full time soon. 

{wishing} For a camera, preferably the Canon T3i, but really at this point I’ll take anything since we currently have nothing but my phone to take pictures on. I would totally love a watermelon to make its way into my kitchen too. 

What are you currently Loving? Wishing? Anticipating? 

One thought on “Currently.

  1. Loving the amazing weather (though I heard it may get a little steamy later today).
    Wishing my coffee pot would walk over here and refill my cup (I'm having a diva moment).
    Anticipating my Pop's visit this weekend to celebrate the Day o' Dads.

    Happy Friday!! Good luck getting those posts scheduled. 🙂

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