A +J Summer 2012

Hoorayy! We finally have internet in our apartment and cable! Which means, I get to blog more consistently, catch up on my blog reading, and catch up on The Glee Project. Already a fan of Dani and Mario. Anyone else watching?!

Anyways, summer has not really started in our house yet. Aaron has about two more weeks of summer classes and then has two months off. I on the other hand have been enjoying summer for a few weeks now, I start my full time job in about a week. Since our schedules are not always that compatible we have decided to make a list of a few things we want to do together this summer! So below you will find our summer 2012 plans…

What are your summer plans?! Any goals or projects you plan on tackling?! I will also be tackling a lot on my 24 before 24 list, as well as soaking up as much sun as possible. Oh yea and we will be furiously planning the last details of the wedding, less than four months to go!

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