What It's Like to Live With Aaron…

It’s fun. 
Aaron is the biggest goofball, sometimes I wish he would be serious for five minutes, but we balance each other really well so I can’t complain. I am glad to have him lighten the mood. If he isn’t randomly pulling me away from cleaning to dance around the kitchen, he is plotting the next time and can run, jump, and squash me on the bed.

It’s messy. 
I am a neat freak, I’ll be the first one to confess to it. Aaron is certainly not a neat freak, there is not a day that passes where I don’t find random socks in the living room, three shirts or sweatshirts sprawled on the couch and kitchen chairs, and for the most part I can never walk on his side of the bed because there is just stuff covering the floor. I used to pick up after him all the time, mostly for my own sanity, but then it got tiring so I am learning how to live in a ‘bit’ of a messier environment. We have gotten into a pretty good routine lately of picking up after ourselves, hopefully it continues.

It’s constant noise. 
You very rarely find silence in our apartment. He loves music and TV, you will pretty much find one or the other on at all times. I have never been very good at doing homework or being productive if the TV is on, but I have learned pretty well to focus and zone out, perhaps he has made me a better multi-tasker?

He eats a lot. 
I never thought I would go grocery shopping as much as I do. Thankfully I have learned to buy bulk at Sam’s club, because man can he eat. We have a ton of snacks in our apartment, mainly that he devours, I only help a little. Also, if there is chocolate in the house you can bet he will eat it all, probably in one sitting.

It’s the best. 
There is nothing better then getting into bed at the end of the day, always knowing he will be there to cuddle up against. I know he always has a spot under his arm for me to curl up into, and he only gets occasionally mad when I hog the covers.

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