Over the Weekend We…

I started the day by meeting a good friend for coffee, and returning a purchase at H&M, and of course walking in the store and not being able to leave without purchasing something. It was the end of Aaron’s finals so you can bet he was tired, and lately I am always tired so it was the perfect night to relax and do absolutely nothing. We played some scrabble, ordered takeout, and watched a lot of FRIENDS (we are working out way through all 10 seasons right now). We got into bed and read, but for some reason my brain thought it would be a great idea to start thinking about anything and everything. Rather than keep Aaron up I decided to get up and I ended up watching TV and catching up on some blogs until very early in the morning!

Saturday we had plans with Aaron’s family to meet them in Newburyport to celebrate his moms birthday. We walked around the town for a bit, and enjoyed the beautiful water. We drove to the hotel Aaron and I will be staying at the night of our wedding, the view is breathtaking and everything is blue! (It’s called the Blue Inn). We had dinner reservations at a restaurant by the water, and they were supposed to put us near a TV for the Kentucky Derby,  but we got there with no TV in site. We decided to stream it live on my fancy iPhone, and we wrote down our picks for winner, just for fun. Guys, I won! I picked. I’ll Have Another…Aaron’s family kept saying how lucky I am because I have a tendency to do really well in his family pools/bets. After dinner was over, we went and ate cake and did presents at a picnic table by the water, it was a little chilly, but well worth it, the moon was BEAUTIFUL, as well as the water! When we got home Aaron and I decided we were exhausted from the days events so we popped in a movie and fell asleep.

We decided we were going to the SoWa open market in South Boston, it was opening day for their spring/summer market. It was really nice out so it seemed like the perfect day to go, plus this was out last full weekend in Boston so we were detrained to make the best of it. We walked around all the booths and looked at all the talented artists. We decided to get lunch at The Dining Car, I had an incredible grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and English cucumbers. We didn’t want to spend too much so we didn’t buy any jewelry or art (although I could have left with a lot!), but we bought two brownies from Yummy Mummy, and we split them when we got home! They were incredible. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing cards, relaxing, and finishing the movie we fell asleep during.

 Now its finals time for me so I am back at the grind until Wednesday. Then it homeward bound to run around and wrap up some much needed wedding plans!

What did you do this weekend? 

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