Life Lately…

Normally this is where I recap the weekend, but I wanted to share a little more than the weekend.

I finished finals on Wednesday (cue loud cheers and ear to ear grins), which means I am done my pre-recquisites and start graduate school for occupational therapy in August!

Our life lately has looked liked this…

We tried a new coffee place, not my favorite but decent. Then we decided to walk the Freedom Trail from start to finish…

My reading recently, I certainly am glad they put out a special edition, I have missed them.

A little well deserved shopping now that finals are over.

My dad and new puppy Roy came to visit Thursday night!

Ventured home for mothers day and have been spending quality time with my pup Zo!

Lunch with a friend after picking out tuxedos for the wedding, have you tried Five Guys? So good.

Spent mothers day with my amazing, talented, wonderful mother. We started planting her garden! I love quality mother daughter time, it was the PERFECT day.

Finished the weekend off by playing soccer with Zoey…

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and got to spend it with those you love!

3 thoughts on “Life Lately…

  1. Congratulations!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend too. I thought of you this weekend, because we were going to go to Lilac Sunday and I wanted to blog about it. We ended up at the movies instead, and I thought…well this could still make a good weekend recap post like Jenn does. =)

    Looks like a little Buddha statue in the garden? Love it.

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