iPhone Apps.

I have had my iPhone since November, and I now couldn’t imagine not having one. I love everything about it. I thought I would share the apps the I use every day and love!

This is what my home screen looks like…the apps that are circled in yellow are the ones I use ALL the time and love.

twitter: I have found myself loving twitter more than Facebook lately.
instagram: I love the filters. I love being able to snap pictures of my day to day life. I love looking at others pictures!
my fitness pal: This hand dandy app it my best friend, it tracks workouts, as well as what you eat that day! It is so easy to work with, and it has a bar code scanner to input the ones you ate, which is easier sometimes then trying to find them in the database.

 This is what my second screen looks like…I use a lot of these all the time, but the circled ones are my favorite.
Nike+ GPS: This tracks workouts and is the best app I have found for tracking runs, it has a GPS so it tracks your route, milage, and time. It also has motivational cheers that you can input through out your run for some extra motivation!
Manilla: Love this. It keeps track of bills that are upcoming, and keeps track of how much money I have.
Fooducate: This app allows you to scan the barcode of a food or search for it, it then gives you all the nutritional and cost information for it. The app then suggests foods that are similar, cheaper, and healthier to what you originally picked.

 This is the third screen on my phone… this area mostly contains games and some organization apps.
Goodreads: I love tracking what I read and looking at the recommendations from others.
Evernote: This is such a great organization app, it allows you to keep track of ideas, thoughts, sites, pictures, and organizes it in folders for you.
Dice with buddies: It’s basically Yahtzee, and you can play agains others who have the app. I love it.
Hanging with Friends: I have all the with friends apps, like words and scramble, but I love this one specifically because its just like hangman and I have always been a fan of word guessing games.

What are your favorite apps? I would love to find some new ones!

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  1. I definitely love a lot of the apps you mentioned. But I have another to add. I'm such a nerd, I use my Dictionary app all the time.

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