Friday Favorites

I am SO glad it’s Friday! I just need to make it through next Wednesday and I will be done school. I will officially be starting graduate school in August, so I have the whole summer off! This weekend is filled with friends, family, and relaxation.

I rarely post twice in day, but today you get two three posts from me! My third post is a guest post I did for E, on her blog Adventure of E, its a really yummy and health recipe, go check it out!

Now for my Friday favorites…

Favorite hair style: wedding hair perhaps? Thoughts?

 Favorite house idea: How gorgeous is this bathroom!! I can’t get over it.

 Favorite DIY: PVC photo vases, I’m thinking this would make a lovely gift for a holiday coming up!

 Favorite Style: I am currently loving floral and light pink. Also, I am in love with those sandals.

Favorite Quote

Now for a few links…
This lesson from Zen Habits
This lesson from Adulting
How to style kitchen counter tops, part I
A Manifesto for Living by one of my favorite writers Hannah
This is my favorite thing to listen to when the rain outside isn’t loud enough for me to hear.

What are your favorites of the week? Be sure to check out my health recipe guest post! And make sure you check out my favorite iPhone apps post that went up this morning! 

Happy Weekend!

One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. That 'do is stunning! Absolutely breathtaking.

    That bathroom is bigger than our condo.

    Those vases are killer. Headed to Pinterest to check them out now.
    Hope the home stretch is going smoothly. Cheering you on!!!!!

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