Friday Favorites

Wooohoo, it’s the weekend! This week was very busy and for that reason it absolutely flew by. Pinterest has been less than inspiring to me lately (I know I can’t believe I just said that either). Honestly, I feel like there has just been so much junk on Pinterest lately, it saddens my little heart, but alas I did find a few things I want to share!
Favorite DIY: So cute and simple!

Favorite recipe: I have had a major craving for these guys labels, something about rice crispy treats makes me giddy!

 Favorite look: I am loving the ombre hair and really want to do it, not sure I can pull it off though?

 Favorite drink idea: freezing fruit in ice cubes, love it!

 Favorite quote

 Favorite truth: This. Is. Me.

This quote about blogging from Swiss Miss. // This post about relationship mistakes. 
This article about staying smart, and how smart is indeed sexy. // 
This article about how to make your blog posts stand out. // How to do the Katniss braid. //
This TED talk from Elizabeth Gilbert about nurturing creativity
Ombre hair, yes or no? 
Anyone else love the truth in the quote about blogging from Swiss Miss? 


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I find that I've been digging deeper for the treasures on Pinterest lately, for sure. But they're there…looks like you found them! =)

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