Dream Big.

Meet Kristen! And her blog, From Kristen, With Love
Age: 23
My blog, From Kristen, With Love is where I write what’s currently on my heart. I have a passion for all things creative & inspiring. I’m a 20-something girl in her last year of college as an Education major. In my free time, I like to craft, run, try new recipes, and just kick back and relax. My boyfriend, C, and I are enjoying life as a young couple. And I can’t forget about our fur babies Brutus and Tucker. 
Top three personal dreams you have and how you hope to reach them? 

1. Graduate college.
I’ve been pursuing this dream for what seems like an eternity! After five and a half hard years of working full time while going to school at night, I’ll be graduating with my Bachelor’s in December of this year. I went through a few moments of doubt early on in college…”is all of this hard work work it?” “Maybe I’ll just take a semester off to relax…” and doubts of that sort. Right about when I started doubting myself, I met C. He, being a college graduate already, pushed me to pursue my dream and not give up. 
2. Open an online store.
This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, but I know right now isn’t the right time- I can’t commit 100%, like I want to. I’m hoping that during the summer when I’m off from school that I can get the ball rolling on this. In order to reach this dream, I’ll have to put aside self doubt and just do it. I am craft lover. Paint on my jeans and hot glue burns are what makes me happiest. So look out for an online shop from me in the near future. 🙂
3. Raise a family & have a successful marriage. 
This will always be a work in progress. I know I’m young and this kind of stuff shouldn’t be on my brain just yet… but I know that this is what I want for myself in the distant future. 
What is the inspiration behind your dreams?
The main inspiration behind my dreams is happiness. I know that all of my dreams lead to happiness and personal growth. 
Best advice for someone trying to reach his or her dreams. 
Don’t listen to the doubters. People will try and knock you down and tell you what you’re pursuing isn’t worth it or you’re not good enough. Don’t listen to them. If it’s something you truly want, no one will get in your way. 
Favorite Quote
Defeat is simply a signal to press onward.” 
-Helen Keller

Thank you SO much Kristen for taking part in my dream big series, I can’t wait to read your blog to see how pursing your dreams is going! XOXO
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