A &J, a love story.

In 4 days, Aaron and I will be celebrating 5 years together. It has been 5 years of some high highs, and low lows, but we grow stronger each day, and I find myself falling more in love each day. I figured since I have not talked much about our relationship on the blog (besides wedding posts), I would take the week to share some relationship posts.
Aaron and I are from a little town in NH, where we went to high school together. Our freshman year (at least according to Aaron) we were in the same intersession trip before April vacation, I however have no recollection of this, but he certainly knows all the details of that intersession so over the years I have come to believe him. It was not until senior year that we really began to talk and start dating. Our senior year we were both taking AP Biology, and so we spent a lot of time together in class working on labs. I remember a few months into the class, I wrote a little note to my friend next to me telling her that I thought Aaron was really cute, but of course being shy and awkward like I am, I never had the guts to do anything about it. About half way through the school year we were assigned to work on a group lab together, I was extremely happy about it, but tried to conceal my excitement for the time being. As the spring approached so did our senior prom, I had pretty much planned just to go with a bunch of friends, but of course I was secretly wishing for a different outcome. 
A few months before prom I was in AP Biology, sitting in my normal seat, diligently taking notes, just like every other day. When the bell rang I ventured off to AP literature, but before I made it to the classroom one of my friends stopped me and handed me a piece of paper. It had the most ADORABLE drawing and little note that said…Will you go to prom with me? The picture was us dancing and a disco ball hanging above. It was from Aaron and I was filled with joy! I barely knew him but I remember being so excited, it was the can’t-eat-can’t-sleep-over-the-moon kind of feeling. He left his number and told me to text him with my answer. Well I had an early dismissal note that day, so I was only in AP lit for about 15 minutes before I left for an appointment, as soon as I got to my car I whipped out my phone ready to text…but then I thought it was too soon, I didn’t want to scare him with my eagerness, so I waited until after my appointment. 
After the initial awkwardness we decided it would be a good idea to hang out, in hopes to make prom not awkward and to get to know each other better. We went out with his friends to Cheer’s and split some chicken fingers and fries, he picked me up at my house and we drove their just the two of us. I was full of nerves, but we managed to hold a steady conversation about school and about music. After out first date hang out session, we started hanging out almost every day after school, it normally consisted of me watching him play tennis for our high school team and some type of chicken, mostly from Friendly’s. Prom was finally here and it was so much fun, it took everything in me to get him to dance, but we ended up dancing the night away. The first slow song we danced to was I’ll Be by Edwin McCain, it was perfect. The only bad memory from prom was that Aaron decided to wear a white tux, and the background for out pictures was white, so his head is basically floating in our prom pictures, it’s pretty funny to look back on though. 
After prom, we continued to hang out and finally decided to call it ‘official’, we were not sure which day we actually decided we were going to start dating, but we both agreed on April 20, 2007 because it seemed to be right around that time. We went on to finish our senior year together, and spend every free moment we had together. We graduated in June and we knew that we were heading off to different colleges in August, but we were determined to make it work. 
Stay tuned for the college years…

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  1. I was just about to type, "High School Sweethearts! I love it!" Then I saw Clair's comment… so, now I'm at a loss. 😉

    Bring on the college years!

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