A & J, the college years.

Here is our love story continued! 
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As the summer of 2007 came to an end we went our separate ways to college. Aaron was studying sports medicine at Merrimack college in Massachusetts, and I was headed to Colby-Sawyer college in NH. I knew the first year was going to be rough not just for us as a couple but for me as an individual, I don’t handle change well and I was scared to leave home. We tried to make it a point to talk each night on the phone, and visit each other on the weekends when we had free time. I was lucky enough to have a car at school so it allowed for me to visit Aaron at Merrimack more than he could visit me at school. The year slowly progressed, and it was certainly a year of change for us, but we some how managed to make the distance work. We both knew school was important and had to be our priority, but we also made it a point to keep our relationship a priority. I made a few close friends at school, but I never felt like being there was right for me. I couldn’t stand my classes, I hated that there was nothing to do around the area, and it just didn’t feel right. I made the decision at the end of my first year that I wanted to transfer, unfortunately I missed the deadline and knew I would have to do at least one more semester at Colby-Sawyer. Our first year was the biggest challenge, we were going through so much change not only with school but with our family life as well. 
That summer we both moved back home, and we were so excited to be living only 7 minutes away from each other again. We worked at the movie theater that summer, so we spent a lot of time together. It was back to our normal routine of hanging out with friends, dates to Friendly’s, relaxing at the dock’s, and making the most of the time we had left before school. Summer came to an end and I finally had decided to apply to Merrimack college and Simmons for their transfer program. I told myself that I would not pick Merrimack just because of Aaron, I wanted to make sure I made the decision that would best benefit my future. First semester started and I was starting to get more comfortable at Colby-Sawyer, it started making me a little sad that I would be leaving. I heard back from the schools and I was accepted into both, I had no idea what I was going to do. I did not want to regret my decision, so I spent a lot of time weighing my options. I make lists for everything, so I made a pro’s and con’s list for both schools. I ultimately decided on Merrimack because they had the best program for my future goals, and financially it was a MUCH better option. I packed up my dorm room at the end of fall semester, said my goodbyes, and moved my boxes home for winter break. Winter break was here and gone before I knew it and I was moving into my new dorm at Merrimack. 
The first few weeks were tough, but transferring was the best decision I have made. I was a much happier person than when I was at Colby. I joined a sorority a few weeks after being at school because I was determined to make my own friends, I didn’t want to be glued to Aaron, I knew I needed to find my own niche. As I got comfortable with my classes, and made friends, I was loving my decision more and more each day. Plus now Aaron and I got to hang out in our free time, without having to drive two hours to see each other. Being apart at separate schools made our relationship stronger, but I’d be lying if I said being together again wasn’t better. 
We got to go to sporting events together, we had some classes together, we ate lunch together, and it made me appreciate all of the little things we were not able to do before by being at different schools. He was my rock through college, pushing me when I needed it, and never giving up on me. Our senior year came and we enjoyed spending our time with friends, senior formal, 100 days until graduation, hockey games, and another graduation together. So many memories, so many unforgettable moments, I wouldn’t change it for the world. 
 Stay tuned for the proposal story…

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