"And there's always a better time than right now and there always will be. But right now is what we've got."

I have talked about The Friday Night Knitting Club book before, but just briefly. When the first book came out I remember so many different people telling me that I should read it, so I picked it up…read a few pages…and never picked it up again, until now. I have recently (in the past couple months) read the entire little series. The series consisted of three books, The Friday Night Knitting Club, Knit two, and Knit the Season. I LOVED them. It is a serious chic lit series, but they are incredibly heart warming and I am so glad I gave them another chance. I think that I was a little too young to appreciate the lessons and wisdom in the books when I originally picked up the first one, but I couldn’t put them down this time.
The books were about love, loss, family, friends, growing, learning, and so much more. The story follows Dakota and her journey through life, but it also follows other incredible women, each facing their own challenges with life. Seriously, if you are looking for something easy to read and heart warming, read these. 
“And failure, if you want to know, Dakota, is just another opportunity to try again.”

As I was reading the books, I was trying to come up with a project that I could embark on, something that took some time, and something new for me. It was in front of my face the whole time! Knitting! I have always wanted to learn, but have never had the time or patience to try. Well, the books spark something in me, and I just started my first knitting project. I may have taken on a little more than I can chew for my very first time knitting something, but so far so good. I started knitting a black and white checkered blanket, I picked up some thick warm yarn, and some bamboo needles, and have been knitting away. I pretty much learned from youtube videos, and Aaron helped since he learned how to knit when he was younger. I am doing a simple garter stitch, and basically making a bunch of scarfs that I plan to sew together to make my blanket. I haven’t learned how to weave in the little ends from where I change colors, so that is my next goal. Being tall, it can sometimes be tricky to find comfy large blankets to curl up in, so this one I am making sure will be extra big. 

I just started a new book and I am loving it so far! Follow me on Good Reads to see what I have been reading! 
Have you read anything good lately? I am always looking for recommendations! Or started any new projects? 

4 thoughts on “"And there's always a better time than right now and there always will be. But right now is what we've got."

  1. Your blanket looks like it's coming along! How exciting!

    I haven't read those books. I'm not a huge chick lit reader though. Maybe I'll give one a try sometime?

  2. I'm pretty impressed with your blanket! I've made a couple scarves that always turn out cool-ish only because they are imperfect and full of character.

  3. I'm so excited that you're into knitting! My sister is always telling me to try it, but I just love my little crochet hook. Can't wait to see all the stuff you'll make!

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