friday favorites.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone enjoyed their leap day and the first day of March. I am happy that not only is it Friday, but that we are in March!! I am just not a fan of February. I ventured away from Pinterest this week (just a bit) and found some lovely things, who knew that there were other lovely things on the internet that are not on Pinterest?!

favorite DIY…
Dates in a jar! How adorable…each stick has something different on it, and the colors represent if they take advanced planning and the price range of that date!

favorite quote…
Not being in control is something I am NOT a fan of, but sometimes it really is the best.

favorite truth…
I will forever and always be a cat lover.

favorite wedding idea…
These flowers match our colors perfectly, and I love love love calla lillys’.

favorite laugh…nothing better then staying in! 

favorite time waster…loving TED talks lately. 
favorite aww moment…is there anything better than a baby polar bear? Maybe watching him try to get up on a live web cam? 
favorite article…30 things to stop doing to yourself. 

Did you find anything lovely this week?!


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