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I am actually a little bummed that it is already Friday…it means that my spring break has come to an end and I am back to the grind Monday. The only good part of it being Friday is that Aaron and I get to spend the weekend doing whatever we fancy, if I can pull him away from basketball for any amount of time. 
I had so many plans to accomplish this week, I think I only made it through about half of my list…where did the time go?
Here are a few of the things I’m loving lately…

favorite outfit…khaki and navy. 

 favorite quote…

 favorite home idea…love love love chevron, according to Nate Berkus I must not over do it in my future house.

 favorite laugh…

 favorite DIY project…

 favorite wedding idea…

favorite video…
Now some lovely links.
The power of vulnerability, such a good Ted talk. 
Depth & reach…seriously, read it. 
Unicorn farts balm…a mix of spearmint and pink cotton candy, YES please!
This body talk post, by C.Jane, an absolute must read.
Read THIS. How to change the world by sitting on countertops.

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