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Meet Michelle from Oh, Mishka

Age: 25

My blog is Oh, Mishka. I write about my daily life, planning my wedding, eating and cooking healthy, and decorating our new home with my fiance. Oh, and my cats. 🙂

Top three personal dreams you have and how you hope to reach them?

1. I’m getting married this summer, and my greatest dream is to have a wonderful marriage for the rest of my life.
2. I want to actually become bilingual! I studied French from 7th-12th grade, but haven’t since then. Now that I’m back in school and have the chance, I plan to learn French enough to actually say that I speak the language.
3. Travel! My French class in high school to a trip to Europe, and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. I’ve been all over the US, and now I want to expand my traveling all over the globe.

What is the inspiration behind your dreams?
I think it’s incredibly important to want to push yourself to become better. I’m majoring in education, and one thing we always talk about is the importance of being a “lifelong learner.” Essentially, I always want to learn more, or do better, than I am right now.

Best advice for someone trying to reach his or her dreams?
Work hard!

Favorite Quote
“Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

Thank you Michelle for sharing your all of your wishes and dreams!

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