DIY wall hanging

I was completely inspired by some pins on Pinterest, as well as by the very talented Elise Blaha. I attempted my own free hand script canvas, I was hoping it would spice up our walls a bit. Well I am TERRIBLE at script and my paint brush was to thick!! It did not come out as beautiful as all my inspirations, but hey…it was my first time and I am trying to stop beating myself up for things that are not perfect…so I am accepting it for it’s flaws, putting it on our bedroom shelf, and hope to attempt another one soon.
I took a simple white canvas, some acrylic paint, and a pencil. First I VERY lightly wrote out the quote I chose, I did it all scripted and very free handed…I wanted it to have the not-very-strait-uneven-free-spirited look.

So now it sits by our bed with a candle where I can look at my not so perfect painting every day, at least the quote is lovely!


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