Changes for simplistic living…

My blog has been a mess today! I have been trying all day to make my own header for the blog, I finally made one I am very happy with. Sorry if you visited early and everything was scattered. I will be adding some new pages soon, but I am very happy with the changes that I accomplished today. Check out the about me page and contact page!

I want to make a FAQ’s page- so throw some questions at me!


4 thoughts on “cha…cha…cha…changes!

  1. Love the new header…how did you make it?

    And it's great to see an extended 'about me'. We should meet up and make Boston a little less lonely! 😉

  2. @Clair Thanks! I made it in photoshop, I just found a picture I liked and then type out my title and cropped it so it just wasn't some huge picture! I'd love to meet up sometime!

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