reverb11…Oh how I wish I had a money tree.

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Today’s reverb11 prompt is where did you spend money?

I think this year taught me the biggest lessons when it came to money. Aaron and I moved into our first apartment together and since it was my choice to do so I was determined to also take on my half of the financial responsibilities. I have learned a lot about budgeting in the last 6 months and I have become addicted to DIY projects (you save so much!). Obviously living in the city is not cheap, so if I had to say where I spent the most money it would be on bills (rent, food, utilities), but that’s not fun to talk about. I mean come on, do you really want to sit here and read all about my bills? Ya I didn’t think so.
So after some thought I realized the place we most second most spent money was on making our apartment into a home. Now our apartment is not filled with fancy things, we have missed matched furniture in each room, most of our stuff is donated by family (thanks mom and dad!), and most of the decoration type stuff came from goodwill, TJMaxx, or Target. I think we have done a really good job combining our tastes and making our apartment feel homey. I have come to the conclusion that if you add a little love to anything it can become great decor! I wont lie it was hard to combine our styles and tastes, but I’m a lucky girl because the mister is good at compromise (aka letting me win most times). We are still constantly changing things and adding to our home, and we get to start all over again in June when we move, but I am happy that we saved and were able to spend our money on making a cozy home for ourselves this year.
Today’s prompt came from the lovely Kaileen Elise!

What did you spend money on this year?! Anyone make any big purchases?!

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2 thoughts on “reverb11…Oh how I wish I had a money tree.

  1. Yes, DIY is so key!! With decorating as well as repair, it can really make a difference. The best thing about DIY too is that you not only save cash, but it usually ends up being better for the environment too. (For example, last week I had a nasty shower clog, and rather than call the plumber or dump expensive drain products down the pipes, I wrested with it for about an hour and finally got it running. I got a mini-work out in to boot!)

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