Reverb11… What do you hope to remember?

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Today’s prompt from Kaileen said, what do you hope to remember?

I decided to wait out the day and really reflect on the last year, and what it is I truly learned and what it is I want to remember going into 2012. What I realized, besides the fact that I have a terrible memory, was that I learned a lot of valuable lessons and I honestly hope I can remember them all in 2012. The biggest thing I want to remember is to live each day in the present moment.
The idea of living in the present moment, has been in numerous books that I have read and it feels like it has been ingrained in my mind…but honestly its like a constant battle between my thoughts. I have to remind myself to stop looking in the past, to stop panicking about the future, and to simply just live in the here and now. I make it sound simple right? Well its not, and I have tried to get better, I am a constant worrier and planner, I like to know what my future holds, but that is not always possible, and when I feel like things are out of control I literally FREAK mind starts racing and I start acting like a nut job. I think I learned this year to live in the here and now (at least I try to remind myself of it daily). I really hope I remember to keep going with it in 2012. As I am writing this I am panicking about the future. Will I get into graduate school? What happens if I don’t get into school? Will I be able to afford school if I do get accepted? So many what if’s are constantly in my head- its like fighting tiny little demons, but I just simply tell myself that it’s in the future and right now it’s not something to worry about, why let it ruin my mood and freak me out!? So in order to help me remember this in 2012 I am writing a little letter to myself…

Dear Jenn,

Your nuts! You freak out about things that are not in your control, things that are miles and miles down the road. You also have a tendency to look in the past and question the decisions you have made along the way…well STOP. You only get one chance at life, you get one today, so live in the now, forget the past and forget whats down the road. Cherish the moment and enjoy every aspect of every day, even if you hate Wednesday’s every week, just cherish it. Live in the present. Live in the moment. Live in the now. And please never forget this valuable lesson.


What did you learn in 2012? It’s not to late to start participating in reverb11 many people have put out prompts- jump on the bandwagon!

If I have confused the heck out of you check out this post I did where it explains a little about reverb11. I am new to it this year, but I am loving it and I am having a blast reading other peoples questions and answers.


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