#reverb11: Soundtrack to my year…

I am really excited about this prompt today for reverb11, I love music so this was a really fun post to write. Thank you Diana for today’s fun prompt!

If you were creating a soundtrack for the past year, what songs would it include? 

1. Can’t Go Back Now: The Weepies
2. Girls Who Run the World: Beyonce
3. Innocent: Taylor Swift
4. Breathe: Ryan Star
5. This is a New Year: Ian Axel
6. We Belong: Everly
7. For the First Time: The Script
8. Boston: Augustana
9. I won’t give up: Jana Kramer
10. Gravity Happens: Kate Voegele
11. Footsteps: Olin and The Moon
12. Marry Me: Train
13. The Cave: Mumford and Sons
14. The Dog Days Are Over: Florence and the Machine
15.  She Breaks: Vienne
16. This is My Home: The New Frontiers
17. The World Spins Madly On: The Weepies
18. Ordinary People: John Legend
19. The Weight of the World: Vienne
20. Skyscraper: Demi Lovato

There ya have it, I could probably list so many more, but those seem to be the first ones that come to mind. What songs would make up your soundtrack?

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