#reverb11: Letting Go

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So I missed yesterdays reverb prompt because studying for finals took over my life. I decided I would post yesterdays prompt now, and today’s prompt later today. Enjoy…

December 11th- What did you let go of in 2011? Did letting go improve your life?
I wish I had a long list of what I let go in 2011, but it is something I am constantly trying to improve on. In 2011 I realized that I hold on to so much and it’s not health. I hold on to anger, guilt, sadness, and disappointment. One of my goals for 2012 is to learn to let go of things better- Oprah taught me some valuable lessons on this, this past year so hopefully I can put the lessons to use. The one thing I can say that I let go of (mostly, I still need to remind myself daily to let go of it) is expectations. My expectations for others in my life were high, especially when it comes to my fiancé. My high expectations were not fair to them, because if they did not meet the expectations that were in my head then I got mad or disappointed in them, and how is that fair? Most of the time they did not even know the expectations I had for them, so then when I got upset about them not meeting my expectations they had no idea why I was upset. I realized that everyone does things differently, not everyone is a nut about being organized and not everyone is a neat freak like me. I let go of the idea that things are supposed to be done a certain way, and I am constantly working on letting go of unrealistic expectations of others. I am trying to love those around me for exactly who they are even if they do not meet the crazy expectations in my head. Letting go has improved my life greatly, its amazing how freeing it feels to let go, its allowed me to be happier in all aspects of my life, plus it has made me happier with those around me. 

What did you let go of in 2011? Did you learn anything about yourself by letting certain things go? Did it improve your life? 
It’s not to late to start participating in reverb11, check out more about it here. I used Diana’s prompt today. 

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