Friday Favorites!

I love waking up Friday mornings with my love and having our coffee and catching up on the news, or for me I typically read my favorite blogs! I woke up today just like I do everyday, made my coffee, grabbed my mac, and then went to grab my glasses except they were not in their case! I wish I could say this is uncommon, but who am I kidding I never put them back where they go, so I went and hunted the apartment…still no luck, so I gave up and now I just plan on squinting at the screen all day while I write a paper for school. I’d say rough start to a Friday, but honestly I don’t mind because there is something about Fridays and having the weekend here that nothing could put a damper on the day, especially not something as small as losing my glasses! So be happy and find the good in the day, even if that means the good in the day is that the weekend is so close. And if you can’t snap yourself into a happy mood maybe my friday favorites will cheer ya up!

Favorite thing that made me smile: 

Favorite bedroom: LOVE the ruffles. A little to girly for Aaron’s liking. 

 Favorite Wedding Idea: Chalkboard tags as place cards.

 Favorite laugh: Why have I never thought of doing this!?

Favorite video: In case you are a new reader, I am a Taylor Swift fan…check out this post.

Favorite quote: 

Check out where I found my favorites on my Pinterest boards.

Anyone else find anything inspiring or lovely this week!? New blogs to check out? If you have not hopped on the Pinterest band wagon, I HIGHLY suggest it, not only is it a great distraction from everything you are attempting to accomplish, but there are so many ideas and wonderful things on it!


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