Oh Ikea how I love thee.

I finally got to go to Ikea today, I was SO excited. They have the best bargains, and their stuff is pretty quality. I new going in I did not have much to spend and that some of what I spend had to be for a Christmas present, well I did some serious bargain hunting, and totally got my money’s worth. I am so excited to share my purchases. The only thing I can’t share is the Christmas present I bought, because I think she is a reader and I would hate to ruin it!

Bought these lovely boxes, they are super chic, and were only $2.99 for the pack of two!

My absolute FAVORITE purchase, my super soft faux sheep skin rug 🙂 I know, I know not everyones style- but hey we all have our own style!

My last purchase (besides the one I can’t share) was 4 simple and perfectly white picture frames, two different sizes and they were super cheap.

I could probably spend hours in Ikea, especially if I had some more money to spend, but even so I could walk around hours simply admiring all the fun things and pretending I live in all their fun display kitchens and bedrooms!
Anyone else buy anything good today? Find any good bargains?!
Sorry for not posting sooner, it has been kind of a crazy night.

Goodnight fellow readers!

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