My Favorite Things

I was reading my new Oprah magazine, I like to think of her as a second mom! She always has the best things to say, and I am certainly going to miss her favorite things episode this year! Well that was why I spent the money on her magazine, it’s the December Issue and it’s her favorite things issue! So I wanted to share some of my favorite things with you…

  • A hot cup of coffee 
  • Cozy blankets
  • Vanilla tootsie rolls
  • Christmas (I am slightly obsessed, i start counting down until the day REALLY early.)
  • How I Met Your Mother (if you don’t watch it, get on that!)
  • A good book
  • Romantic comedies (I’m a sap!)
  • Bright leaves
  • Autumn
  • Snuggling with Aaron on the couch
  • Blogging (duhhh!) 
  • Bargain shopping 
  • DIYing 
  • Organizing and cleaning (I know I’m a big nerd)
  • The top 40 hits, what can I say I like to follow the trendy cheesy pop music
  • Dancing 
  • 2 hour naps at the most random times of the day
  • Staring at my sparkly engagement ring thinking that I get to marry my best friend really soon! (you can catch me doing this a lot through out the day)
  • Long walks outside 
  • Listening to my newly downloaded itunes songs on repeat for weeks at a time
  • Pinterest (as if I haven’t mentioned this before)
  • Taylor Swift
  • Reading other peoples blogs, some of you guys are so dang talented and inspiring.
  • Watching sports with Aaron because I know it makes him happy
  • Playing with my kangaroo dog zoey…seriously she jumps like a kangaroo. We probably should have named her Joey
  • Wedding planning (this is clearly a short term favorite since eventually I will have to stop!)
  • Elf- I don’t even think I can say how many times I have seen it, I’ve lost track
  • Baking (I have a MAJOR sweet tooth)
  • Running, jumping, and squashing Aaron- it’s become a new favorite.
I am always looking for ways to entertain myself or fun things to try! What are your favorite things!??

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