Is this real life..?!

I am sad to see the weekend come to the end, but it also means that Thanksgiving is that much closer! I can’t wait to gobble down some turkey 🙂
Aaron and I went out Friday night and treated ourselves to Panera and walked around the little town of Brookline. Yesterday we hung around here and attempted to accomplish some homework-the day seem to turn into us watching moviesand playing cards, needless to say I have about 8 chapters of Abnormal Psychology to learn today for my exam tomorrow. Last night we ventured off to Quincy to visit my roommate from college and her fiance! It was such a fun night. They made us the most delicious meal and we sat there reminiscing and talking about the ‘real world’ and  what we are doing now. It is kind of crazy to thinks about, it was this time last year we were making a make shift christmas tree stand for the tree in our apartment. So much has changed, and time is flying by. We are both in our own apartments and getting married, its a little mind boggling to me!
This was us last year at Merrimack…

Now we are living on our own trying to balance the real world, school, and our relationships. It’s amazing how much can change in so little time. The highlight of our day is when we find a good bargain for something in our apartment! Kendra and Dan have such a cute little place!! I wish I had my camera so I could have done a little more apartment crashing and shown you their little pillow nook, I laid down for about two seconds in it and could have easily fallen asleep. I am so glad that we got to spend the night with them. Kendra wandered into my life junior year of college, and I wish it had been sooner. She is such an amazing friend and I am so glad that we had the chance to live together, she is truly special. It’s hard to keep up with friends when life get’s so busy, but I am so glad I have her in my life still! Maybe she will let me apartment crash again one day soon and I can take pictures of her amazing pillow nook to show you guys! 🙂

Anyone else catch up with friends?! Or do some apartment crashing!? Maybe spent the weekend in getting ready for Turkey day?

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2 thoughts on “Is this real life..?!

  1. I love this picture of us! I'm so glad you said "yes" when I emailed you from down the hall to ask to be your roomie!! Come crash my apartment for coffee and Target-ing soon!

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