Holiday Season is Underway!

So the holiday season is officially underway, Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday, I am much more of a Christmas lover. It was so nice spending time with my own family as well as my fiances family, plus I am fanatic of all the Thanksgiving sides, the Turkey really isn’t my thing. My mom made an absolutely delicious meal, and then I got to overstuff myself with dessert, what more could a girl ask for?!

I snapped a few festive photos with my phone.

Our lovely meal!

The Christmas tree all lit up outside of our capital building. Love the feel of main street during the holidays!

And I couldn’t leave home without snapping one of my psycho but adorable puppy Zooey!

Being at home is always so relaxing, and enjoying some quality time with my mom was just what I needed at this busy time of the year. We went out and did some black friday Christmas shopping, and of course a little personal shopping for ourselves 🙂 We then spent the rest of the weekend decorating for Christmas and simply relaxing. Aaron and I got to see a few movies while we were home, we went and saw Breaking Dawn Wednesday night, he knew that if he did not take me soon I was going to go crazy. It was SO good, a little bit disturbing for my liking, but still good none the less. I really wish they would have done the book in one movie instead of breaking it up, but I guess they want to get more for their money. A few nights later we went and saw The Muppets, I had higher expectations for this movie, it was funny and cute, but not something I would probably see again. I think I went mainly to see Jason Segel because I love him in How I Met Your Mother (which is on tonight at 8! for all of my fellow HIMYM lovers out there, maybe I wont sleep through it this week!) Other then that, it was a very relaxing and spectacular Thanksgiving!

Did anyone else see any good movies?! Do anything wild and crazy for Thanksgiving? Or simply catch up and enjoy time with family like me?! Catch any good bargains on Friday?


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