Forever could never be long enough for me…

WOOOOOHOOOOO!! 10 months until the BIG day. I think I might be overly excited if you can’t tell. It’s more of a mix of anxiousness, excitedness, nervousness, and any other -ness there might be to describe a feeling. A lot of the big stuff has been done:

Venue: check
DJ: (almost) check
Savethedates: check

Okay, so really not that much has been done, but we are slowly getting there. The venue and the DJ were huge, and thankfully are done. I was going to make a list of what is left to do, but really what isn’t left to do. We need to pick our menu, the boys need tuxes, I need to find some bridesmaid dresses, and so on. I am testing out some decoration ideas this week, but altered so I can used them for Christmas, more on that later!

I have been on a pinning frenzy lately, especially on my wedding board so I thought I would share some of our ideas we are planning on incorporating!

Love this!
 Candy bar- officially decided. 
 I love these, I am going to try and make them!
 So Cute- hopefully we can get ours to look similar!
 Guestbook, too adorable. 

I am off to suck down my morning coffee and catch up on some homework. Stay tuned for a post later this afternoon!
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Any other fun wedding ideas out there?! Happy Tuesday!


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