Clean up clean up everybody everywhere…

Happy November! You have probably heard of spring cleaning since its very common, but have you ever heard of organize November? Probably not since I just made it up, but hey it could stick someday. You are probably more familiar with no shave November, something I am NOT a fan off because then I have to deal with Aaron’s prickly mustache (thankfully he loses track of time, I am not even sure he knows it’s November!) Anywho, I figured I would share some of my favorite sites that help me stay organized now that we have numerous bank accounts to keep track of and bills to pay (only downside of living on our own!)

1. Manilla

It’s AMAZING. Manilla is an online service that allows you to manage your bills, financial accounts, travel rewards programs, and subscriptions…for free. It sends me notifications and keeps track of everything, I used to have to write everything down in my planner, like when stuff is due but there is no need anymore! Did I mention it’s free? Check it out HERE.

2. Mint

Also another site that I could not live with out. This is similar to Manilla but has a few more features, like the budget option. It allows you to make a budget, but it also keeps track what you are spending money on like food, clothing, entertainment, etc…and if you go over what you budgeted it will let you know. This one is a little more complicated than Manilla, so if I am looking for a quick update on our finances I use Manilla and if I have time to sit and sift through our finances as well as create a budget then I use Mint. You can check out this site HERE.

3. Arc Notebook

This isn’t a website, it is something I found at Staples. As I was browsing for a binder for school I came across this really pretty black and white plastic notebook, I know I know only I would think a notebook is pretty. I grabbed it and realized it was CUSTOMIZABLE, only like the best idea in the entire world. You can pop the pages in an out with the way the notebook is designed, and the pages ACTUALLY stay in. They also have different types of pages you can buy, mine consists of regular lined pages as well as to do list pages. It helps me stay on top of everything and really organized. They even have dividers with pocket folders and so many other page types you can add to it. You can check out the one I have HERE. I am in love with it and I am surprised how sturdy and everything the notebook is. For all your organizational freaks out there like me, I highly recommend it!

And if I just bored you with organizational hoo-hah maybe this crazy mustache will make up for it:

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  1. Jennifer, thanks for your comment on our blog. Your thankful jar idea sounds fabulous! Let me know how it turns out! Thanks for reading our blog! I always love meeting my readers!

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