Bringing out my inner elf.

Whats better then writing a research paper for abnormal psychology? You guessed it…pretty much anything not school related! I decided to make some of the things I have pinned on Pinterest– and honestly I have been pinning like crazy, but never actually make any of the stuff I pinned.

I started with something I thought would be simple, homemade coasters! We are constantly misplacing our coasters, honestly I am not sure how it’s possible, but I’m serious we lose them all the time! All you need are tiles (from like Lowe’s or Home Depot), paper or pages from a book, mod podge and a foam brush. It is all stuff that is super cheap, and if you are lucky like me you will have all of the supplies around the house. Thanks to when my mom tiled our kitchen we just happen to have a bunch of white tiles laying around. 
Well of course what I thought was going to be simple was NOT. I mean once I figured out what I was doing wrong and stopped being impatient, the coasters were a piece of cake. The first attempt was an epic fail, thankfully I started out just doing one. The scrapbook paper I used came out all bumpy on the tile once I applied the mod podge. So after brain storming and doing a little research online I realized what I did wrong, it basically came down to me being impatient and not letting the mod podge dry SO here is a simple tutorial for ya. 
1. Cut out a square of the paper you have chosen to use the same size as the tile. Then trim the paper so that when it is placed on the tile there is a little tile on each side. 
2. Paint on a thin layer of mod podge onto the tile and place paper on where you painted. Smooth it down and make sure it is all sticking. 
3. LET DRY. This is what I did not do the first time, I applied the mod podge over the paper right away and bubbles galore happened! So LET IT DRY for at least 10-15 minutes. 
4. Once dry apply a top coat of mod podge make sure that you cover the entire tile- over the edges of the paper since you want to make sure they stick to the tile well. 
5. LET DRY- 10 to 15 minutes. 
6. Apply another coat of mod podge. 
7. LET DRY. 
8. I bought little felt circles to stick on the bottom (4 on each) in order to keep them from sliding on tables. So if you have something to put on the back, go for it! 

It really is a simple and fast project, just be patient and let the mod podge dry, trust me its better then bubbles!! Plus who doesn’t need coasters? My favorite part is that you can literally cover the tile in anything…I thought about using pages from a book, but I thought Aaron would be mad if I tore apart out favorite books to make coasters out of them. 
Anyone else tackle any projects they have been wanting to do? Or find anything good on Pinterest?! I’ll admit for like the 10th time I am addicted to Pinterest…any other Pinterest lovers out there (silly question in my mind!) 

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