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I am one of those girls that is always trying to hold on to the moment and constantly looking back on my life. Over the course of my 22 years (I know I’ve been around a while…right?! Just kidding 🙂 I have not traveled all over the world, in fact, I left the country for the first time two summers ago, I ventured to Aruba with my mom! It was a great trip, and I wish I have traveled more so that I could offer you some worldly advice (sigh…), but one day that will happen, Aaron promised we would travel a lot! So I figured I would offer different advice. 

This is nothing new, especially for those of you who know me, but I am Taylor Swift OBSESSED. I saw her play a small concert (not even sure you could call it that?) when I was in high school. No one knew who she was at the time, her first hit Tim McGraw had literally just made it to the radio. I’m not going to lie I really didn’t even know who she was either, but I loved her after hearing her play 5 songs. Did I mention the concert was in a movie theater, the real reason I went was because my mom’s company was putting it on. Anyways, now everyone knows who she is (at least you should know), but I am proud to say I was a fan before the world knew how amazing she would be. 

Proof below!

Anyways I was attempting to do my sociology midterm this morning while I had itunes running and two of my favorite songs by her came on. Innocent and Fifteen…I suggest listening to them if you have not heard them. Once they were over they got me thinking about this post I read yesterday from a favorite site of mine. I LOVED the idea of looking back on my childhood and thought I would also write a sentimental post to my 15-year-old self. It was also inspired from a video I posted a little while ago found here, called Dear 16-year-old me (except not as sad!)

So here it goes:

1. Pay attention in class and try to enjoy school.
I was always that kid doodling and clock watching, constantly waiting for the bell to ring or the teacher to say the day was over. I was never a bad student, but I was also not a fan of school…other than the social aspect, but honestly who is at that age? It goes SO fast though, you are going to miss it so much once high school and college are over, and you will spend your time wishing you could go back. So ENJOY it and pay attention because I can guarantee the stuff you learn in school at age 15 is going to help you later down the road. 

2. Forget about boys and focus on your friends
No I am not a crazy feminist boy hater. Seriously though, the boyfriend you have most likely wont last, and you will probably spend too much of your time with him while pushing your friends to the side, not a good idea! Your friends will get you through some of the hardest times in your life, so cherish them, put them first, and never choose a boy over them…the day will come soon enough when you will find an amazing guy and by then you will have learned how to balance friends and your new found love. 

3. It is never okay to wear neon colored matching sweat suits.
Unfortunately I have to admit that I was a fan of limited too’s matching neon zip up hoodie with wind breaker pants. There is not much to say to this other then just don’t do it, you will look back and regret it, and even if they are in style just don’t do it. 

4. Thank your parents and spend time with them
If there is one thing I have learned, well it’s that time passes fast and so does the time with your parents. I am all moved out and living on my own and there are days I want nothing more then to go home lay on the couch with my head on my mom’s lap and fall asleep. At this age you pretty much want nothing to do with your parents other then for them to drive you somewhere or to help you buy things, and you rarely ever say thank you. Just remember you WILL miss them when you move out, and you will realize later how much they do for you and a simple thank you goes so far. Cherish the time you have with them and realize that they will not always be in the next room. 

5. Stop rushing to grow up!
Seriously! I still have to remind myself of this. Just because I am getting married young does not mean I have to rush to have kids soon or anything! You are probably wishing that you can’t wait until you are 16 so you can a get your license…and then after that you want to be 18 so high school will be over and you can be an ‘adult’ and go off to college. Then freshman year of college and all of the work you have, you will wish college would go faster, and before you know it graduation will be upon you. After that you will look back and wish you could be 15 again. The time goes fast without you wishing it to go faster. So LIVE and LOVE in the moment, everything will be here before you know it, enjoy not having to pay for gas and getting driven everywhere…

6. Being popular is overrated. 
I know you want to be the one hanging out with all the cool kids, well forget them! Find your self a good strong group of friends with similar interests (quality not quantity) because they will be the ones who actually stick around for the rest of your life. 

Those are just a few of the things I would have told my 15-year-old-self…there are so many more and maybe I will do another post later down the road. Anyone else have advice for their 15-year-old-self? Or any Taylor Swift obsessed fans out there?? (silly question I know)


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  1. I read the whole post and everything you said is true, especially about boys. I've given up family and friends for one boy when I was young and it turned out to be such a huge mistake. I'll never do that again thankfully and it taught me a really valuable lesson. xoxoxoxo

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