Life's Expensive!'

Now that Aaron and I are living on our own (almost financially independently) we are always looking for ways to stretch our pennies and save save save! I thought I would share some of the ways we have been able to save.

1. We cut our food budget almost in half since we moved in together in June. If you knew Aaron you would know he is constantly hungry so cutting costs were NOT easy, but we have come up with a pretty good system. We made a deal to not buy any snacks until EVERYTHING we have is already gone, which believe it or not has pretty much made it so we only go grocery shopping twice a month. We also eat really simple meals and only incorporate meat for some of them, which saves a lot! 

2. We try to eat in season. It is SO much cheaper to buy the fruits and vegetables that are in season, and a bonus…its healthy!

3. Eat in! We hardly EVER go out and when we do it’s to something inexpensive like UBurger or Chipotle. However, we agreed that in order to keep things fun we would switch off every other week cooking something new for the other person, we even take a picture of the final product and are writing the recipes in a little book…eventually it will be our own little cookbook and something fun to look back on!

4. We save a pretty good amount of money by not paying to get our hair cut. I cut Aaron’s and my mom cuts mine. Occasionally, I give myself a trim, but it is a little harder to cut your own hair. 

5. When we want a date night we typically rent a movie for a dollar from red box and pop ourselves some popcorn, we realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea BUT we like the quality-at-home time together. 

6. A lot of what is in our apartment is used…almost ALL of our movies and ALL of our books are used, why pay full price for something you can get just as good used? Most of the furniture was given to us or we bought at discount. Our couch is from Bob’s Pit, it was originally $799 but we got it for $210 because there was a very tiny (almost microscopic) pen mark on the arm, it was a STEAL!! We are only 22 and it’s our first apartment, we both agreed we did not need or want all brand new furniture. We shop at Goodwill (although I must admit I rarely every buy any clothes from them), we LOVE Target, occasionally you will find us at Walmart, and when we find good thrift stores we I am always excited! One of our favorite stores is a little Bookstore down the road, the whole basement is used books, they even have a dollar section that normally has good stuff. 

7. We rarely ever buy new clothes and if we do I hunt around at thrift stores like Second Time Around, but we love Marshall’s and TJMaxx…so much to choose from and such good prices!

8. I (this is definitely not Aaron’s thing) coupon. I am not as crazy as all those extreme couponers, but I have seriously jumped on the bandwagon and I was actually surprised on how much we save because of coupons and rewards cards. I have a little mini expandable index card holder where I separate them all and try to keep them organized. 

Those are just a few of the ways, once I compile the rest I will do a follow-up post! Anyone else have ways they try to cut costs of save money!? Any couponers out there with tips? Or anyone with a good recipe I can try for dinner next week?? I’d love to hear all of your guys ideas!

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