I am an extremely quiet person (for the most part, we all have our moments), most of the time I don’t even notice how quiet I am being because I am lost in my own world, I am a constant observer, seeker, and people watcher, it may come off creepy sometimes (I swear I am not a creep!). I find inspiration in EVERYTHING, try looking at everything with a curious eye, its fun! I love design and fashion and now that Aaron and I have an apartment, I am pulling inspiration from everywhere to decorate, it’s SO much fun, also with the wedding slowly creeping up I am always looking for DIY projects to save money! I am such a bargain hunter and hate spending money, I rarely buy anything full price. I mean come on, I am a college student…with bills…there is barely any extra to spend, so I hunt for the best bargains. The goodwill down the street has become by new best friend for home good stuff! 
I also am constantly finding inspiration on the web, as I have mentioned before my recent obsession is pintrest (…but whose isn’t!) I wake up in the morning grab my coffee, and pretty much go right to the sight.   I have also found some really inspiring blogs, written by inspiring woman. Maybe one day I will get better at blogging and be an inspiration for others (one can only hope!)

Anyways enough of my blabbing, look at some of the lovely wedding stuff I hope to incorporate into ours: 

Not only would this be really inexpensive and easy to do on the tables BUT Aaron and I would have so many wine glasses to keep after…you can never have too many right? I mean I do love my wine! Lovelovelove this!

Also love these mason jars with large tea lights in them because they are so simple but I love the rustic feel. Plus afterwards I would have so many fun mason jars to create projects with!

I am going to attempt to make one of these this week if time allows but with hemp. I think they are super cute and I could put them on the tables as decoration with some flowers. I like the idea of doing it with hemp since it is more of a rustic feel with the brown. 

I am in LOVE with this keepsake idea. All the people near and dear to you are in your wedding, so why not have them sign the bottom of your shoes?? 

Such a cute idea to make a little chalkboard and write a thank you to your guests, you could place it on your gift table so everyone can see. 

Anyone else have places they find inspiration?? Or any wedding ideas you want to throw my way, I’d love to hear!

Enjoy the night <3

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  1. There was an idea I've seen about using pinwheels instead of flowers. Flowers are one of the biggest expenses and they only last so long. It was so adorable. She used darker colors, so it was very "fall" and "rustic" feeling. Even her bouquet was pinwheels!

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