Oh Monday, how you always win…

I was sitting thinking about what I wanted to write today while listening to a little Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, I am in love with the song colors. However, I always seem to ruin songs for myself because when I love a song I play it on repeat for days…I think Aaron wants to delete probably about half of my itunes library because he is sick of hearing all my songs on repeat! Anyways, I kept thinking about what I wanted to write and I decided I wanted to share my love of baking! It was a day filled with classes, homework, and house work. Monday is by far my least favorite day it just seems to drag, so I decided when I got home today I would bake, it always lifts my spirit! Since Aaron’s favorite cookies are chocolate chip I decided that was what I would make, I spent an hour looking at different blogs for recipes and found this:

Alices Chocolate Chip Cookies

According to Alice they are the best…well 1 trip to the grocery store, 2 Cups of flour, and few ingredients later I can now agree with Alice! They are INCREDIBLE. They have a bit of a crunch on the bottom, but stay soft and gooey!! My least favorite part of cookies is when you let them cool they tend to get crunchy, but honestly these stay soft!

They came out so good, and the recipe was really easy!! Our kitchen is very tiny and so it sometimes gets frustrating to bake and cook because there is just not enough counter space, but you only have to use one bowl for the recipe which made my life so much easier. 

Aaron and I are finally settling in a routine with school back in full swing, and even though we do not have as much time together as I’d like, but we try to make the best of what we have. This week is premier week for most of the fall TV shows! We are by no means TV junkies, I actually to prefer to be listening to music or doing something else, but there are a few shows we have decided to watch together, normally we can’t agree on what to put on. One show that we were able to watch early was the pilot of New Girl and it was great! It was funny and had a good plot. The other show we are both really excited about that starts this tomorrow is GLEE! Yes, Aaron watches it too (he would probably never admit to it though!) I got him hooked this summer with the Glee project and then we started watching season 1 together. I think we are both pretty excited for it come back!

Hope everyone had a good Monday!

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