I love Autumn!

Happy Autumn!!

What a perfect autumn weekend it has been. Autumn is probably my favorite season, it means pumpkin lattes, comfy Uggs, beautiful foliage, and lots of cuddling under warm blankets! Plus, it’s the best weather for a good run. It was a little cold for my liking this weekend but that just means it is time to pull out my warm sweaters. Aaron and I decided to venture to Lowell Friday and visit with friends, and then take a surprise trip to Merrimack! We were only there for 20 minutes or so but it was so good to see people. Yesterday was our day of rest, we made hot cocoa and snuggled up under blankets watching movies all day, i forgot how much of a tear jerker P.S. I love you was!!
Today brings some not so fun tasks of homework, cleaning, and getting ready for the week. I try to make it more fun my making the atmosphere cozy with some lit candles and putting some music on, it always seems to make the not-so-fun tasks more bearable. Of course before I start any of that I have been glued to my computer looking at different things and I came across this:

It is basically a paper mache light but with LACE! I think it’s so fun, I think I might venture out to a Michael’s and get the stuff to make one for our entry way, even if you don’t have a hanging light I bet it would look great as just decoration! It’s simple and fun. 

I was also looking for inspiration for wedding colors because it seems to be an impossible decision in our house. Aaron hates fall colors but I have slowly started to sway him towards a few fall colors. I like the idea of doing a dark purple, like a plum or eggplant as the main color. I want to incorporate like a burnt orange and like a cranberry but I am not sure how I feel about all of those together. Aaron and I are accepting input at this point! Anyone have any good ideas for fall wedding colors, minus the traditional red/oranges together?? I found some ideas I like:

I really like the purple and orange together I think…thoughts?
Also I thought this bouquet was really pretty! If I could add some purple!
Well I am off to go whip up some pancakes and enjoy a cup of coffee! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did, enjoy the beautiful weather! 

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