Being crafty

I finally had time to do something crafty! I have been hunting all over for a large frame that I could turn into a white board but they were all kind of pricey. So Aaron and I ventured to goodwill and I scoured through all of their frames and found this beauty!

maybe not a beauty…but I knew I could turn it into one! I used a white acrylic paint and got to work. I had to do a few coats because the black was showing through but after a while I started to like how a little bit of the black showed through here and there, so I did three coats and whatever black still showed through I kept. I left it to dry and after about an hour I became to impatient to finish the rest, so I tried to put the scrapbook paper in it and replace the back…well I was too impatient and smudge the paint. Being impatient ended up making the whole thing take longer because I had to fix a few spots and then wait for it to dry. After about 4 hours of letting it dry I put the paper in and the back of the frame, I was so happy with how it came out! The hardest part was taking off the stand on the back of the frame because it was attached with a metal hinge. I used a lot of muscle power and some pliers and was able to break it off. So here is my finished white board!
The whole project cost me next to nothing, which is good because I don’t have much to spend! 
Frame: $4.00
Paint: $7.99 (I bought an extra large tube for other projects)
Paper: $3.00 (I bought a large sheet of the paper so I could use it in the future) 
You could easily spend under 8 dollars for the whole project, maybe even less if you use a smaller frame! 
Stay tuned for more cheap DIY projects and apartment ideas! Anyone else have cute ideas so spice up a small apartment!?

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